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Prosperity Secrets of the Ages download ebook

by Catherine Ponder

Prosperity Secrets of the Ages download ebook
Catherine Ponder
Devorss & Co; Revised edition (June 1, 1986)
329 pages
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Catherine Ponder book your favourite reading? PDF Download Prosperity Secrets of the A. .Your Life By Catherine Ponder by online, you Free PDF Prosperity Secrets of the Age.

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Hi, Catherine Ponder reminds me of Florence S. Shinn. She has profound things to say and affirmations. This was an excellent book. I have many of Catherine Ponder's books. Her writings are sometimes wordy, but the content is always worth all of the writing.

Hi, Catherine Ponder reminds me of Florence S. Very wise and compares it to the Bible in and other stories to illustrate the example.

Catherine Ponder's books always re-align my thinking and help me to focus on the abundance that already surrounds .

Catherine Ponder's books always re-align my thinking and help me to focus on the abundance that already surrounds m.I will read this again many times.

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Ponder wrote her first prosperity book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity in the early 1960s whilst living in Birmingham, Alabama. The Healing Secrets of the Ages (1967). Pray and Grow Rich (1968). Her life expanded dramatically whilst she was in the midst of finishing that book. She married and moved to the southwest, where her husband taught at the University of Texas. Much later, after her husband's death, her life changed again. In the early 1970s, another move took her to San Antonio, Texas. There she remarried and wrote a sequel to that earlier book, entitled Open Your Mind to Prosperity. Open Your Mind To Prosperity (1971).

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Catherine Ponder's books on prosperity are excellent

Catherine Ponder's books on prosperity are excellent. Other authors profess to know the true secrets of prosperity, et. but, Catherine Ponder is one of the true originators.

Chapter One. The Shocking Truth about Prosperity. You Should Desire Prosperity

Chapter One. You Should Desire Prosperity. Perhaps one of the greatest shocks I ever received was the one that became apparent when I began lecturing on prosperity.

  • Kazracage
Sometimes before I go to sleep, I read a few pages in an inspirational book. Last night, I read a few pages in The Prosperity Secret of the Ages by Catherine Ponder.

Ponder was born in Hartsville, South Carolina in 1927. She was ordained a minister in the Unity Church in 1958. She was one of the first people to write about prosperity consciousness. Her writings and teachings have been so popular, that many consider her a female Norman Vincent Peale.

About 10 years ago, I saw this book on my grandmother's bedside table. I liked the positive affirmations. I liked the stories that demonstrate the power of positive thinking and prayer in people's lives. I liked her basic message, summed up in the affirmation:

There is only one presence and one power in my life, God the good.

You can overcome financial, health and family problems by dwelling on the good in every situation, she says. Even in the face of apparent troubles, you can remain poised, and focus on God's blessings. The more you notice the presence of God the good, the more peaceful your mind becomes. And the more peaceful your mind becomes, the happier and more successful your life.

My mind wasn't peaceful, when I read that affirmation last night. I had been dwelling on bad news. I had been listening to stories about women who go after men who are unavailable, men who are married, or in a relationship.

I was worried about my relationship with my boyfriend. My worry took on dramatic proportions. Would our relationship survive other women's attempts to poach him, I wondered? What a dangerous thought to entertain, and a monstrous waste of energy! Reverend Ponder's declaration of the power of the Spirit promised relief. It planted itself in my mind like this:

Even though my boyfriend is handsome, and charming, and other women may be attracted to him, and he may find other women attractive, there is only one presence and one power in my life, and that is God the good.

In those moments before I fell asleep, I realized for the hundredth time: I'm not a helpless victim. I'm not powerless. I just forget sometimes that:

There is only one presence and one power in my life, and that is God the good.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I woke up in the middle of the night, without fear. I felt completely peaceful and safe. God is taking care of me. God is taking care of my relationship with my beloved. There is nothing to worry about. God has my back. God has my front. God is all that. God is all there is. And God is good. This book can help you feel peaceful about life. I highly recommend it.
  • Dagdarad
This is a very good book. I can hardly put it down. It gives information of have we can have everything if you know the power that is within you and dare to use it. It gives awesome success stories of real people and she gives very positive affirmations. I have really enjoyed this book and will be buying some of the author's other books.
  • Gardall
Very uplifting. I like the affirmations. No increase in money though.
  • Stanober
This book absolutely blew my mind! I've never found any other book that ellucidates the laws of Divine Prosperity so well! Catherine Ponder does seem to be a person of great wisdom, just by looking at the way she brings the profound biblical symbolism to light; and makes it so easy for the average person to understand and apply it.

There is really nothing new about these teachings: They have been existent and practiced for centuries in India, China, Japan, Arabia, Egypt, Babylon, Mexico and other lands. The biblical texts have captured the same teachings and codified them into symbols and allegories. Unless a person can decode these symbols and understand the profound truths illustrated in them, he would fail to see anything beyond the literalism.

The author makes a certain point: There are certain laws that govern the universe. To be prosperous, one must be aware of what they are and operate them to one's advantage. These include (but not limited to):

-The Art of Blessing

-Success principles derived from the Creation Story

-Success principles derived from the Garden of Eden story

-Success principles derived from the story of Cain, Abel and Seth

-Success principles derived from the story of Noah's ark

-Success principles derived from the story of Tower of Babel.

-Picturing and Visualization

-Tithing and Giving (a very powerful law)

-Receiving and Master Demonstration

-Power of Joy and Beauty

-Power of Planning

-Power of Divine Substance

-Overcoming injustice

-Sex as a success power

The author also stresses that there is nothing "spiritual" or "virtuous" in being broke or suppressed. Abundance is the nature of the universe and God wants every individual to have abundance in their life. The only reason why many people do not have it yet is that they are not yet ready to receive it. Once a person is ready to receive prosperity, they do not have to seek prosperity anymore. Instead prosperity seeks them out! The author shows in this book how we can operate the universal laws and prepare ourselves, so that we are ready to receive prosperity in our life.

Hence, I'd really give this book TEN stars if I could!
  • Ballazan
The book "The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages" by Catherine Ponder contains secret truths which will propel you towards unlimited, infinite and consistent prosperity. Reading her books will definitely manifest the consistent increase of your highest good.
The books share her gifts of insight, wisdom and knowledge which she so very uniquely and generously expresses. Her matter of fact writing style exhibits a refreshing purity which is a sincere actualization of her own love, faith and wisdom. Virtues she has experienced, developed and perfected as she herself exits the Land of Nod and enters her own Promised Land existing within those silver, gold and diamond chord manifestations she has chosen via the guidance and blessedness of God the Creator of All.
If you have an inner sense or know there is a way to master your destiny Catherine Ponder's books will provide the light(carte blanche)for the illuminating realization that you too can have everything.