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Jeanloup Sieff download ebook
Sieff Jeanloup
TASCHEN; Taschen 25 - special ed edition (April 1, 2010)
192 pages
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Jeanloup Sieff (November 30, 1933 – September 20, 2000) was a French photographer. He was born in Paris to Polish parents. He was a photography student of Gertrude Fehr.

Jeanloup Sieff (November 30, 1933 – September 20, 2000) was a French photographer. He is famous for his portraits of politicians, famous artists, landscapes, as well as for his nudes and use of wide-angle lens and visible dodging marks. He worked mainly in black and white and in fashion. Femme assise sur une chaise, 1972, 40 x 30 cm, Musée d'art de Toulon.

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Jeanloup Sieff/Photo.

French photographer Jeanloup Sieff was gentle, charming and devilishly handsome, a shutterbug who loved photography as much as he loved the women he captured. He documented fashion without ever taking it too seriously, and it is these images which are the focus of new book Sieff Fashion, published by La Martinière. Jeanloup Sieff/Photo. What others are saying.

"I have been searching for time past all my life."
  • Manarius
Jean Loup Sieff is, in my humble opinion, one of the best photographers from the second half of the last century. His work spans fashion, portrait, nude, landscape and commercial photography, most of it shot in beautiful black and white with a contrast quality that many photographers can only dream about. This book showcases an overview of his portfolio from the 1950's onward in a curated selection that pulls the reader to find more about his work. It is by no means a definite catalog, but it is a great book to introduce people to his world.

If you like great composition, pitch-perfect photographic technique and a powerful creative genius behind the lens, I must recommend this book to you.
  • Clever
I just received the book and am generally pleased with it. For $10 it seems like a bargain. What caught my eye was the photo on the cover of Astrid Heeren. I think she was gorgeous and I was hoping to see more of her in the book. Sadly that might be the only photo of her though I know Sieff has taken many photos of her during his career.

The problem I have with this book is that all of the images are bordered. That is that they could have been larger on the page but instead they choose to leave a lot of space. The cover photo of Astrid is beautiful and you can see the texture of the dress and see the freckles on her back yet the same image in the book is much smaller and almost washed out. No texture and the freckles are gone. Whether it's edited in the book or just the quality you're going to get in an inexpensive book, I don't know, but I imagine all these images are much more beautiful and detailed on a larger scale and most certainly in a better print.

Again, it's a $10 book so I certainly wasn't expecting gravure prints but more detail would have been nice.
  • JoJolar
Every photographer, amateur or otherwise should own this book. Brilliant. also has an essay describing how when and where the pciture was taken and Jeanloups thoughts about it. really great.
  • Pemand
Nice book of Jeanloup Sieff's work. Taschen makes this stuff affordable and in a hefty format. Good overview, looking forward to seeing more of Sieff's photography.
  • Brazil
A great photographer. Too bad he died. Very under-
rate but a master of the profession. Never get tired of
looking at his photos.
Julian Wasser
  • JoJosho
I love the pictures in this book. Great pictures. It gives me inspirations and make me want to go and take pictures more.Highly recommended.
  • Gavirim
100% ok