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Art History, Portable Editions Books 1,2,4,6 with MyArtsLab (4th Edition) download ebook

by Marilyn Stokstad

Art History, Portable Editions Books 1,2,4,6 with MyArtsLab (4th Edition) download ebook
Marilyn Stokstad
Prentice Hall; 4 edition (July 25, 2010)
1096 pages
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History & Criticism

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Art History, Portable.

Marilyn Stokstad, teacher, art historian, and museum curator, has been a leader in her field for decades and has .

Marilyn Stokstad, teacher, art historian, and museum curator, has been a leader in her field for decades and has served as president of the College Art Association and the International Center of Medieval Art. In 2002, she was awarded the lifetime achievement award from the National Women’s Caucus for Ar.

Marilyn Stokstad, teacher, art historian, and museum curator, has been a leader in her field for decades and has served as president of the College Art Association .

Unknown Binding, 1096 pages. Published July 9th 2010 by Pearson. 0205004679 (ISBN13: 9780205004676). Showing 1-1. it was amazing . 0 ·.

Art History: Contemporary Perspectives on Method examines the various patterns and approaches. Pattern books played a vital role in the dissemination of taste between architect, builder. The Decisive Battles of World History. Social History of Art, Boxed Set: The Social History of Art: From Prehistoric Times to the Middle. 69 MB·613 Downloads·New! of Arnold Hauser. In his general introduction to The Social History of Art, Jonathan Harris asseses.

Michael is a consultative curator at the Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

Marilyn Stokstad/Michael Cothren. Get started today for free. geometric and archaic art in ancient greece: the body as a vehicle of meaning 2011-10-11. medieval europe final 2014-05-09. exam iii, year, place, period 2011-07-02. final exam 2011-05-27.

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Offers a global overview of art from prehistoric times to the present while explaining the historical, social, and political context of each artistic period
  • Jugore
This textbook was required by a class and panicked when I saw the prices for buying it. Being able to rent it cut the price to a third and made it affordable. Had I realized the quality of the info and the readability of the text, I might have considered continuing the search for a cheaper used copy to purchase, rather than rent. $60 for a rental is a lot and most textbooks I've found are not worth that. This one would be worth buying for that price (but not the almost $300 a new one goes for). Because mine was used, it did not include the MyArtsLab disk. I could have purchased it for $100, but after discussing it with my professor, decided to take the risk that I might not have access to some info and risk a lower grade. She didn't think it would cost me more than a letter grade. She was right. I was able to use what was in the book to learn the material and write the thorough critiques/comparisons she expected for class.I had to do some small amount of Internet searching for the extra insights needed for some of the assignments, but I was able to easily find what I needed in the book, without the expensive "publisher's content" available with the MyArtsLab purchase. (I made an A!)
  • Zulkishicage
I took two Art History classes that used these books, volume 1 and 2.

I've kept both of them and am re-reading them and looking through them long after finishing those classes.

After buying these I found that for the same price you can get a version of these volumes that comes with either a CD or access to materials on-line (I've forgotten which)...so look for that if you are planning a purchase.

Otherwise these books are generally well laid out and have a wealth of information on the various eras and subjects they cover.
  • Uscavel
A great read! Tons of information I haven't noticed until now. I knew only a fraction of the information before hand and this does a great job bridging it all together. Good for basic introduction into art history. For a master's program find something else.
  • shustrik
Book came quickly, described accurately by vendor, just expensive for its size and I think it's part of the original volume, which I think is now split into three volumes, making it a bit more expensive. On the other hand, it's a good book, lots of pics and text anayzing the pics. I feel like I got my money's worth
  • Pooker
This book offers a fascinating glimpse into a vast array of human cultures and the ways they have expressed themselves through art over millennia. After you read it, you may catch yourself evaluating what type of columns your local administrative buildings use, or recognizing technical terms in everyday places you never noticed before. It's quite an interesting jaunt through the little corners of humankind's creative history.

They need a thesaurus, though. You're going to see the word sumptuous about 10 times per chapter.
One of the nicest textbooks I have ever used! The text was interesting and very readable, the maps and history really added to the art. The only drawback, and it is a biggie in an art book, is the printing. The pictures of the subject art MUST be exactly of the piece being described. Fail!

Unfortunately the colors in this entire book are off. The described "midnight blue sky" is BLACK. "The lovely pink stone" is TAN. The "rich red of the tapesty" is ORANGE and I could go on. What I had to do was look up the works of art on my computer to see what they REALLY looked like. Such a shame when you have good, descriptive text on high quality thick pages.

It makes me wonder if the fact that this has a Pearson Art Lab available for it if they are not concerning themselves with the text and only making sure the electronic version is correct? That would be dirty pool for students such as myself who barely afford our text books and don't purchase the Pearson when it is optional.

On the plus side, this book came from URent and was advertised as used. I kid you not, this text book was absolutely pristine in condition, in fact it was far better than the "New" textbook I received from Amazon for another class. This book looked brand new when I received it and I can't say enough good things about URent.
  • Onetarieva
I purchased this textbook when I was working on my Associates degree. It was a required material, but for once in my school career I actually really enjoyed the book. It was full of interesting information and beautiful artwork. I would definitely recommend this book for learning purposes.
Very interesting and informative textbook for learning about art history. I was required to purchase this book for a class I took while working on my Associates degree and I was actually impressed with the textbook, which lets be honest...that isn't usually the case. It is full of interesting information as well as beautiful artwork. I would definitely recommend this textbook for anyone who wants to learn more about art history.