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Tapestry download ebook

by Barty Phillips

Tapestry download ebook
Barty Phillips
Phaidon Inc Ltd (September 1, 1994)
240 pages
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History & Criticism

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com - Tapestry, Barty Phillips - category: print books, author: Barty Phillips, publisher: Phaidon, genre: Decorative Arts, dimensions: 250 x 290 mm, 9 7/8 x 11 3/8 in, pages: 240.

Traces the history of tapestry, from the earliest examples to modern times. Illustrations reveal the beauty of tapestries in detail and show them in the settings in which they are used. Discusses different forms of tapestry associated with nomadic life and the developed world, as a practical craft and art form.

This book traces the rich history of tapestry from the earliest examples to modern pieces. A general history of tapestries, and a sourcebook for designers. This volume covers works of many different cultures, such as Peruvian, Asian, Native American and Indian.

Tapestry by Barty Phillips (1994-09-01). The Book of Herbs: An Illustrated A-Z of the World's Most Popular Culinary and Medical Plants by Barty Phillips (2013-07-09). 2. 0 (9 used & new offers).

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Shop wall tapestries and redefine home decor with brilliant, original artwork created by thousands of artists from . Wall Tapestries are lightweight, durable and portable. Hang your tapestries up, use them as a tablecloth, picnic blanket, cover and more.

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Traces the history of tapestry weaving from the Middle Ages to the present, discusses tribal weaving in North and South America and the Middle East, and includes advice on where to see or buy tapestry
  • Xlisiahal
Informative book on the history of tapestry
  • Wetiwavas
This is an excellent review of tapestry and the path it has taken.
  • Winail
  • Broadcaster
A good repsrentation of tapestries
  • INvait
I'm so excited about this book I threw up a bunch of Images so you can look inside. This is quite a hefty book, jam-packed with vivid photography showing just how luscious these tapestries are, even centuries old. You can't even make it out of the Introduction before you know all about warp and weft, upright and horizontal looms and why the intricacy of the patterns causes a multitude of problems for weaving: a miniscule slit accompanies every color change. Put enough of these slits together and they weaken the tapestry and they become visible. The most ingenious designers incorporate slits on the diagonal to enhance the pattern. Diagonal slits are the least weak.

The author takes us all over the world and discusses the various areas' weaving, designs, techniques and finished products in an appealing and engaging way. The chapters are unexpected. Whereas most books of this sort include Medieval & Gothic, and Renaissance European tapestries, this book begins halfway through with the 19th and into the 20th century. Both Modern and Contemporary tapestries get their own chapter. Finally, in a little bit of a U-turn, the author includes Tribal Tapestry Weaves. I have included Images from each chapter.

The final pages of the book discuss how to buy and care for a tapestry, where to find collections and how to commission a tapestry. There is also a really good pictorial glossary, a bibliography and index. It's hard to say if this book is more pretty or more informative. It's lovely that there's a contest. Highly, highly recommended.
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