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Hawkweed Passive Solar House Book download ebook

by Hawkweed Group

Hawkweed Passive Solar House Book download ebook
Hawkweed Group
Rand McNally (November 1, 1980)
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Provides examples of modern, energy-efficient homes, information on how to design and build a passive solar house, and speculation on the future of solar energy
  • Kagda
This book was one of the first solar design books to state that it is feasable to design for a very high percentage of solar heating capacity, and they did it without creating a huge increase in housing costs! Previous solar books had largely advised their readers to try for a much smaller amount of solar gain because it just wouldn't be economical to try for a higher percentage of gain - especially in colder climates.

Their houses were designed for, and built in, a cold climate location ( Soldiers Grove, WI and the Chicago,IL area ) for the most part. They are still functioning 34 years later according to one report that I heard. According to the authors, their houses were built for about the same cost as other non-solar houses in the area at that time.

The authors include an estimate of how much solar heating you can expect in various locations around the U.S. That list also advises on cooling needs as well. They cover the strategies that they used, and why to use them. They also detail how to calculate what your own design requirements might be.

The methods that they used are just as valid today as they were 35 years ago. But, they will probably work even better now that were have better windows available as well as other building products and methods. Still a very good source of information, in my opinion.
  • Gralmeena
A great collection of information presented in a sequential way. Easy reading. Great photos and drawings.